Thursday, September 13, 2007

Does Most Leadership Suck - The Challenge List: 13-Sept-07 Update

13-Sept-07: It's been a very busy week for me.  Sometimes, life just happens...  Fortunately, while I was busy doing my real job, a lot of you were busy collecting your thoughts on leadership and committing them to paper, or at least to post on your Blog.

If you're not familiar with what's going on... Last week, I kicked off a Challenge with the hopes of getting a few replies.   So far, I have had over 35 posts and a ton of comments. As long as I'm getting a strong response, I'll keep updating the list. Also, feel free to publish the list on your site.

I don't think we've reached the end of this conversation so let's see if we can get a broader range of bloggers to participate.  If you who haven't already done so, please tag three of your favorite bloggers with the challenge. 

Take care all...


THE CHALLENGE LIST: Update 13-Sept-07

Ernie A. Cevallos a.k.a. Perseus
Thoughts on Leadership

David B. Bohl
Slow Down Fast
Fulfillment and Leadership

Anita Pathik Law
Power of Our Way Blog
Does Most Leadership Suck?

How to be an Original
Does Your (Personal) Leadership Suck?

Carlon Hass
Possess Less Exist More
Does Your Leadership Suck?

Halina Goldstein
The Inner Travel Journal
If the World Didn’t Suck

Monday Morning Power
Attitude, the Ultimate Power
A Challenge on “Leadership”

A Miracle a Day
5 Reasons Why Companies Fail To Find Good Leaders

Deb Call
Spirit in Gear
Does Most Leadership Suck? Is That the Right Question?

Goodness Gracious
Leading the Way

Sam Chan
Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion
Understanding Leadership and
The Art of Leadership

Alexys Fairfield
Unraveling the Spiritual Mystique
Monumental Leadership

Jeffrey Phillips
Thinking Faster
Does Your Leadership "Suck"?

Barbara Sliter
No John Wayne Here...

Michael McKinney
Leadership Now
You Can Change

Judy Martin
The WorkLife Monitor
Delving into the Mind of a Leader

Jenny and Erin
Jenny and Erin
Top 10 Reasons being a Leader Sucks

Lisa Gates
Design Your Writing Life
What Sucks Leadership?

Heather Goldsmith
A Creative Journal
Leadership Prompt

Priscilla Palmer
Personal Development Demands Success
Leadership Tag

Donna Karlin
Fast Company Expert Blogs
Leadership: Acknowledging Leaders

Amusing My Genius
Why Most Leadership Sucks..Including Mine

Dr Hal
North Star Mental Fitness Blog
When Leaders Use the Prevent Defense

Daniel Sitter
Idea Sellers
The Role of Leadership in Selling

Martin Spernau
Tindertraum Weblog
All Leadership Sucks Including Mine

Don Simkovich
Hey Don
The Leadership Dilemma

Chris Marshall
Martial Development
You Have the Sensei You Deserve

Priscilla Palmer
Personal Development Demands Success
Good Leadership

Donna Karlin
The Leadership Challenge

The Naked Soul
Does Most Leadership Suck? - A Challenge

Joan Schramm
Momentum Coaching
Leadership, Empathy and Knowing How to Follow

Black in Business

Steve Roesler
All Things Workplace
Leadership All Week: Accepting the Challenge
- Leadership: It's All About You
Leadership, Choices, and Implications

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