Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ten Rules of Leadership

Everyone has a list. So I thought I would compile my own list of leadership rules. The following is my first attempt at an all inclusive list of the irrefutable leadership rules; all ten of them.

  1. Leadership is not a set of attributes that can be imitated; behaviors that can be taught or a set of products that can be bought
  2. If you don’t know where you are going, how to get there or when you’ve arrived, you’re not leading
  3. Leadership does not stand alone; it is meaningless without management and work
  4. Leadership is a relationship, an individual process that can be refined over time through practice, guidance and failure
  5. Leaders can be boring, can stand still, can be quiet, can use measures, can do or be everything that everyone else says leaders can’t be or don’t do
  6. Good, even great leaders can do bad things and achieve bad outcomes
  7. Poor, even bad leaders can do good things and achieve good outcomes
  8. Leadership is difficult work
  9. If people don’t follow, you’re not leading
  10. There are more than ten rules of leadership; and your’s probably are and should be different than my list

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SKI said...


my reaction:

leadership defined
1. leaders "do"
2. leaders produce results
3. leaders rally the troops around
the goal or mission


Anonymous said...

I like the rules.
They make sense.
I love you