Saturday, October 21, 2006

Why an Epidemic?

Today at school, my daughter Taylor was caught sneaking a peak at my blog when she was supposed to be researching American Colonial Leadership. When she got home, she told me her teacher wanted to know why I called my blog The Leadership Epidemic. I suspect she’s not the only one with that question.

The idea of a Leadership Epidemic is based on an ever-increasing gut feeling I’ve had about the state of leadership in the world today, particularly in large organizations. Three years ago, while working in a hospital in Korea two ideas I had been reading a lot about: “Conventional Wisdom” and “Viral Marketing” collided with a routine SARS data review. The result was an “A-ha!” moment regarding the rampant spread of leadership as the be-all and end-all answer to the operational problems that large healthcare organizations were facing.

That evening, I went home and started building a model to explain the spread as a large-scale, viral event or epidemic. In other words, a Leadership Epidemic.

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Anonymous said...

I like this entry! Do you know why? Because you mention my beautiful name! I love you Dad.
Love, Taylor [your duaghter]