Sunday, October 15, 2006

Please Ad My Splog to Your Site

Lately, I've been reading a lot about "Splogging". It is the subject of the day that everyone seems to love to hate. Today, I started wondering if all the press about splogging isn't encouraging people to start splogging and building their own “Made for AdSense” (MFA) sites. I mean, if you could earn $71,000+ in a month building splog pages would you? While you might not, I bet a lot of people are. At least, they are trying.

The thing is, Splogging has some problems beyond being the current trouble child of the search world. Splogging has to be just like building a website that accomplishes something. or writing a Blog with a following, it is more difficult to do than just throwing up a bunch of page with scraped content and AdSense links.

I understand that close to 80% of all Blogs die because people don't keep at it. Apparently, they don't have as much to say as they thought they did, or they discover that writing well enough to get across what they are thinking is more difficult than they originally thought, or they don't have the time [I know this has been my biggest challenge], or they just get bored with it.

If all these things are true, I wonder if and suspect that the same is true for all the beginner Sploggers that invest their limited time developing the beginnings of a link farm. Most of them are going to find themselves with the equivalent of an unprofitable family farm.

It also makes me wonder, if there is a market for these tiny patches of the blogosphere/splogosphere.

Could a commercial-caliber splog be built from these remnants? Would a successful Splogger be willing to buy these sights outright for a small cash payment or perhaps be willing to “Share” out the maintenance of small plots of their link farm to give them a feel of legitimacy?

They could call this new sub-class of sploggers, ShareSploggers. In return for working their plots, the ShareSploggers could include one of their own AdSense links. Another option would be for a bunch of small-time Sploggers to get together and form a Co-Op where the members agree on product lines to manage and link to each others sites.

Okay, realistically, a splog site needs thousands of links. But are a couple thousand links really that many; is it really such a big number?

Do the math and you find out that a link farm that starts with two links and is able to double the number of links every month, would reach 2000+ links in 10 months.

Now, what if all of the revenue generated from those 2000+ links was used to buy cheap AdWords on Google that could be used to drive more traffic to the ShareSplogger sites and drive more AdSense revenue?

That would be a symbiotic relationship reminiscent of the Military-Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. Well maybe more along the lines of the TV-Industrial Complex that Seth Godin educated us about.

As an experiment, I’ve built my own splog site: ShareSplogger. You may have clicked on it earlier in the post. Actually, it’s not a splog in the true sense of the word. Rather, it’s more of a Blog about Splog, a BSplog if you will. Check it out, build your own BSplog and join the experiment.

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