Monday, May 29, 2006

My First Lessons in Business: What Flipping Burgers Taught Me About The Importance of Good People

My first job was at Rally's hamburgers (called Checkers in some places). It was one of those double drive-thru places that didn't have inside seating. I was 16 and was working for minimum wage which, if I remember correctly, was...

I love this post by Rob May on BusinessPundit. It is a perfect example of a situation that the Leadership Industry would turn into a case study of superior leadership principles in action. And, they would be right, but for all the wrong reasons. Rob's boss didn's apply situational leadership techniques, he didn't empower or inspire Rob, he didn't share a vision that established a superior burger-making culture.

Rob's boss did not get the best out of Rob becasue he used a specific leadership technique. Rather, they achieved success becuase they Knew the Machine: shaging orders, building burgers and working the window; they achieved Singularity of Intent, e.g. all actions were focused on a 30 second turn and they worked In the Moment.

In other words, they achieved successful through better execution enabled by good ingredients: Rob and his Manager mixed through a postive individual relationship; no magic leadership technique required.

Check it out...

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